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Lately, I haven’t been online on MSN or Twittering much. I’ve been off in distant lands conversing with gnomes, dwarves, night elves and humans and slaying trolls, ogres and various angry beasts. No, I’m not taking anything funny. I’ve been playing this little game called World of Warcraft.

My character in the game is a gnome warrior named Perpugilliam, after Peri from the old series of Doctor Who. I got interested in this game thanks to watching Felicia Day’s webseries The Guild, which is all about a group of characters (and what characters they are!) who play a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, or MMORPG for short.

I can’t quite work out what it is that makes WoW so addictive, more so than other games, apparently. I think that maybe, like other MMORPGs, there’s always something more to do in the game. But that can’t always be the case. I haven’t picked up Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City for months. I can remember the last day I played it — my birthday.

So let’s throw in the fact that there are several elements that, to me, are very similar to Lord of the Rings. Anyone who knew me in high school will know all too well how obsessed I was with it – Orlando Bloom as Legolas in particular, but I don’t like to go into that anymore. That whole thing doesn’t quite fit anymore, because I haven’t seen the movies in months, and I tried reading the books. Really, I did. But I’m really not into the thousand-page epic fantasy.

I think the biggest thing that attracted me was the “social” aspect of it. Of course I had to use the inverted commas, because you’re just sitting in front of a computer screen all day, but at least you get to communicate with other people while playing, and as part of a guild or a temporary party, you get to flex some teamwork muscles during a raid. When you and others have functioning microphones, you can talk to each other while playing and not have to meet them in person. I don’t mean that I don’t like the idea of meeting people in person — I am nowhere near that antisocial just yet! It’s just that in most cases, that would be highly improbable, but I do like the idea of local guilds and regular meet-ups.)

So if you or someone else you know has this game, I play on the Saurfang server and currently hang around Loch Modan and the Wetlands. I’m still waiting for a group who will join me to take down the ogre Chok’sul.

Hint, hint!



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April 24, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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