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I took a major step in a new direction in my web habits a few Tuesdays ago. I started a video blog using the YouTube account that I’ve had for ages but have until lately only used for commenting on other people’s videos and adding them to my favourites. And my very first experience has told me that it’s probably a better idea to script these things.

The address of my channel, by the way, is: I wanted to go with a username that wasn’t ‘jedielf.’ Sadly, that ended up being a bit of a mistake, since now I prefer having a consistent name across as many social networking sites as I can.

Figured it was a pretty good idea to start with writing down stuff I want to say for my own vlogs before going onto writing fiction for the computer/tv/movie screen. So far, I think it’s going pretty well, and I think it can only go on from there if I save up some cash for stuff like a good, affordable camera and some decent software. Does anyone have any recommendations in this area?

I’ve also started writing what I am hoping will be a webseries, but it could end up being a lot longer than that. I hope to be able to edit the whole thing down to five-minute bursts of story. The updates will be coming as often as I can make them without spoiling the story.

See you soon!



Written by jedielf

May 11, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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